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From Jeremy Arnold <>
Subject Re: jdbc connection and sybase
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:15:27 GMT
    I don't think this has anything to do with JMeter.  I did a quick 
search for that error message, and turned up the following link:

    It says:

You specified a connection URL using a protocol other than TDS, which is 
the only protocol currently supported by jConnect.

Action: Check the URL definition. If the URL specifies TDS as a 
subprotocol, make sure that the entry uses the following format and 


    So try setting the JDBC URL to 


Heiko Busch wrote:

>Unfortunately I do not get connection to Sybase-DB.
>I tried to do so:
>JDBC-request with JDBC-URL: "jdbc:sybase:<server-ip>:<port>/<db-name>"
>The error-message is:
>08/25/2003 3:37:18 PM ERROR - jmeter.protocol.jdbc: Couldn't open connections to database
java.sql.SQLException: JZ0D4: Unrecognized protocol in Sybase JDBC URL: jdbc:sybase:
> at com.sybase.jdbc.ErrorMessage.raiseError(
> at com.sybase.jdbc.SybUrlManager.validateUrl(
>Does anyone has experience with it?
>What is wrong?
>Thanks in advance
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