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From Jeremy Arnold <>
Subject Re: JDBC connection pool
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 21:09:40 GMT
    My experience with the JDBC sampler is rather limited, but I've been 
looking at the connection pool code recently, so I can take a stab at 
answering your questions.  Anybody else can feel free to jump in and 
claim I'm wrong.  :)

    From the code, it appears that there is really just one connection 
pool per database URL.  So if you have multiple JDBC samplers with the 
same database URL, they will share a connection pool.  I realize that 
this probably isn't what you would expect from looking at the GUI.

    I can't comment on the JDBC Database Connection Pool 
Defaults...haven't looked at that.

    I've been doing some work recently on rewriting the connection 
pool.  If you have some thoughts about how you would like it to work, 
please feel free to send them along.  This work is planned for the next 
major version of JMeter, but we could consider putting it in a 1.9.x 
release if there is demand.


Laurent MEDIONI wrote:

>does someone know what the connection pool for JDBC sampler exactly means ?
>Is the pool available to all Loops of all Threads ? Only for this Sampler ?
>And why are the 2 param "Number of Connections in Pool" and "Max Usage For
>Each Connection" mandatory at the Sampler level ? What about using a JDBC
>Database Connection Pool Defaults then, if everything has to be fixed at the
>Sampler level ?
>Thanks a lot
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