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Subject Re: recording a script with popup windows (jmeter 1.9, jdk 1.4)
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 00:59:53 GMT
On 19 Aug 2003 at 16:05, luke cassady-dorion wrote:

> i am trying to record a browser session where the main window pops up
> several child windows. the recorder seems to record everything in the
> parent window but nothing in the child windows. i've tested to make sure
> that the child windows all have the correct proxy settings.

Is there javascript stuff going on that looks like a page reload but really isn't?  Do the
windows make requests to the same server?

> a separate problem i am having involves trouble getting the recorder to
> record a session using https. i am able to work around by recording in
> http and then changing the script settings to use https, but would
> rather not have to do this. is there a way to make jmeter record https?

No, if I could write code that could break ssl encryption and allow me to decode into plain
what was sent (and thus record your browser's requests), I'd be getting big prizes in the

computing world.  

However, I could develop a commercial plugin for JMeter that could include a full-featured

embedded browser in JMeter that would enable recording https sessions.  The question is, 
how many people/companies would buy it?


> thnx
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