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Subject Re: using the regular expression extractor to obtain a form value
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 02:10:33 GMT
You could name your sampler something like:


Then, in the View Results Tree, the name of the sampler appears, and you can see 
what questionID got set to. I would recommend making your default value something 
more obvious, like "failed!"

Also, shouldn't your regex look like this:
input value="(\d{1,3})" name="questionID"

I'm not positive about that as I'm not an expert on regexes, it's just something I noticed

about it - that maybe the whole value needs to be in the parentheses?  I know when I 
do .*, I use (.*) rather than (.)*, which seems analogous.


On 17 Jul 2003 at 13:53, luke cassady-dorion wrote:

> using jmeter 1.9.RC3 (yesterday afternoon's source) on windows 
> i'm trying to use the regular expression extractor to obtain the value
> of a hidden form element, which i then use as part of a condition
> evaluation (using cyrus montakab's IfController controller). i'm not
> sure why but for some reason it appears that the value i'm extracting is
> not getting set. 
> the form value looks like (where n 0<n<=999): 
> <input value="n" name="questionID" type="hidden">
> and the values i'm using with the regex extractor are
> reference name: questionID
> regular expression: input value="(\d){1,3}" name="questionID"
> template: $1$
> match no: 0
> default value: 1
> then i have a series of IfController controllers using conditions along
> the lines of: ${questionID}==1
> none of my IfControllers appear to execute, so i'm guessing that the
> value is being set to something other than a digit. does anyone have any
> ideas what could cause this? is there a way to debug the process and see
> the value being set?
> thnx
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