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From "Brian Lundell" <>
Subject RE: ideas on extending jmeter
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 17:54:13 GMT

My issue lies with the fact that I need to use these thousands of fields in a subsequent request,
like so:

Request 1: I need to send a request to get which item IDs to modify.
Request 2: Then I need to use those item IDs to incorporate with the subsequent modification

The structure of the requests will always be the same, it's only the ID attributes that will
be unique every time it is run.  Is this what you mean by 'creating' data?  Other than using
thousands of regular expressions, I don't know how to do this.


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    Can you describe what you're planning more completely?  You say you 
want to parse XML results sent back from the server - you can do that in a 
Post-Processor, an Assertion, or a Listener.  The question is, what do you 
want to do with the data after parsing it?  Use it in subsequent requests?  
Then you'd probably want to use a Post-Processor to parse the results and 
store values in JMeter's context.  

If you want to display info to the user based on this, you'd want to write a new 
visualizer.  If you want to verify something about the response, you could 
extend the already existing XML Assertion (which simply verifies the response 
XML is valid XML).

If you want to use it to generate new requests, then that is a problem, 
because JMeter doesn't currently have a means of dynamically creating new 
requests (dynamically modifying, yes, creating, no).


On 28 Jul 2003 at 10:00, Brian Lundell wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm looking for ideas on how to do something that right now, I believe I have 
to extend JMeter to do.
> After sending an XML request, I need to parse thousands of fields from the 
XML returned by the server.  I believe that because of the numbers it is 
unreasonable to use regular expressions to get these values...especially 
since the number of fields will change.  I believe it would be ideal if I could 
write a function or even a sampler to do this.  The reason I'm thinking a 
sampler would be better is because there are no functions that currently send 
requests (that I've seen).  I'm thinking either way would be possible, but I 
guess I'm looking for an answer of how I should do this that is in line with how 
JMeter is intended to be used.
> If there is another way of doing this that I haven't considered, I'd love to hear 
it!  Thanks for the help!
> Brian
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