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From Laurent MEDIONI <>
Subject Jmeter V1.9RC3: HTML Link Parser issue
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 14:41:26 GMT
I am fighting to get a HTML Link Parser working for my test.
The structure of my test is:

- HTTP Request Defaults: specifying Protocol (https), server name (myServer)
and port number (443)
- 1st HTTP sampler: response (redirect page in fact) contains a <A
- 2nd HTTP sampler: should simulate a click on the above link , including
the dynamic value of myParam, parsed by the HTML Link Parser (just below)
with the ".*" expression
    - HTML Link Parser

Problem is:
if I do not specify any Protocol in the 2nd HTTP Sampler (relying on the
HTTP Request Defaults at the top level) the generated request is not what I

if I do specify (again) "https" as Protocol for the 2nd HTTP Sampler the
request becomes correct:

I have to play the script with both HTTP and HTTPS and I created the HTTP
Request Defaults for that purpose, as I have a great number of requests it
is quite a job each time to manually change the protocol to be used in each

Am I doing smthng wrong ?


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