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From Laurent MEDIONI <>
Subject RE: Multiple client certificates management
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 13:06:33 GMT
 Hi Mike
ager says:
"The next time you run your test, the SSL Manager will examine your key
store to see if it has more than one key available to it. If there is only
one key, SSL Manager will select it for you. If there is more than one key,
you will be prompted to select the alias you wish to authenticate as. If SSL
Manager cannot detect any keys in your keystore, it will give you a text box
for the off chance you know something it doesn't. Keep in mind that for the
first run, you will be prompted once per thread. Try to use only one thread
for the first run to ensure everything is working properly."

There should be several keys for the required CA in my keystore, so, if I
well understand, I should be prompted to choose which key I want to use ???

Have I done smthng wrong when importing all my .p12 single
privateKey/certificate in the jks keystore ? (I used a java class found on
the Sun site 'cause there seems no other way of importing (not converting)
p.12 in an existing jks)
How could I check if the jks is ok (do not see a lot with keytool -list...)


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A: JMeter Users List
Date: 09.07.03 14:58
Objet: Re: Multiple client certificates management

Where in the docs does it say you have a choice?  I don't think it's
ever given a choice of CA's to use.


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