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From Laurent MEDIONI <>
Subject Multiple client certificates management
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 09:24:24 GMT
I use jmeter-1.9.RC2 and try to use a pks keystore with several client
certificates in it but I would appreciate that the thing asks me which
certificate to be used instead of always sending the first found...

My CA certificate has been added to the default cacerts truststore of my jre
(1.4.2) and I use the jmeter SSLManager option to load my keystore (password
set in, cool...).

I try a simple https request with 2 threads on my server and everything
works well (well done since the 1.8.1), no exception in the log file nor in
the console but when I read the ssl logs (I use the
option in the java line) the certificate sent by both threads is always the
first one in my keystore (I tried to remove the first certificate in the
keystore but then the second one is sent so my certificates are probably all

The jmeter documentation says that I should be prompted to choose among
available certificates... Am I doing smthing wrong or is this choice only
displayed for .p12 certificate mags ?

Thanks a lot,

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