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From "James Farrier" <>
Subject RE: _StringFromFile Function
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 14:46:04 GMT
I am using version 1.8 of JMeter.

I have the following as value of the query parameter:


The text file I am referring to is a plane text file which has the
letters of the alphabet on separate lines. The behavior I am trying to
create is first to search for A, then B then C....D...E etc.

When I look at the results in the view request tree I can see the

Query Data:

As a side note, when I use the Function Helper Dialog, _StringFromFile
does not appear in this. 

If you need anymore information then let me know.

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From: BAZLEY, Sebastian [] 
Sent: 01 July 2003 13:41
To: 'JMeter Users List'
Subject: RE: _StringFromFile Function

What symptoms are you seeing?

If you are seeing the function name, then either the function name has
spelt wrongly, or the number of parameters is incorrect. [This applies
all functions.]

Note that StringFromFile only has one leading underscore...

If you use the Function Helper, neither of the above should apply, so:

If you could post a few more details (JMeter version, how SFF is being
what "doesn't work") perhaps we could be of more help.

The opinions expressed herein are my own, and are not necessarily
by my employer ...
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From: James Farrier []
Sent: 01 July 2003 13:17
To: JMeter Users
Subject: _StringFromFile Function



I am testing a web site which allows you to do searches. I want the
search criteria to differ each time a user does a search. I have created
a HTTP Request parameter for this which uses the __StringFromFile()
function, but I cannot get this to work. If anyone could shed some light
on this it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance







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