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From "Michael Mattox" <>
Subject Simulating multiple users when links of website are unique for each user
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 10:20:31 GMT
My website keeps parameters in the URL requests to have a stateless server
(I don't use the session object).  As a result, the links for each user are
built dynamically and are unique for each user.  For example, each user has
a list of objects and the page has links to the status of each object:


Object 1  : <a href="...?groupId=939&id=100">Status</a>
Object 2  : <a href="...?groupId=939&id=143">Status</a>
Object 3  : <a href="...?groupId=939&id=523">Status</a>

in my example, groupId is unique to each user, and id is unique to each
object which is unique to each user.  I'm really stumped at how I can
simulate 100 users.  The problem is with the links.  I know I can do it with
HttpUnit, parsing the page and picking out the Status links.  Is it possible
to do the same thing with JMeter?  I've read the two examples in the user
manual, the spider clicks on all the links recursively and the other submits
all the form buttons.  What I'm wanting to do doesn't really fall into
either case.  It seems to be a common thing to do to test stateless servers,
so if you have any advice I'd appreciate it very much.

Michael Mattox

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