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From Jeremy Arnold <>
Subject Re: Max Number of Threads
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 20:20:59 GMT
    There is no inherent limit in JMeter itself -- theoretically it 
could run any number of threads.  But of course there are practical 
limits.  These depend on your system, the workload you are running, the 
JVM, and a number of other factors.  The changes made after the JMeter 
1.8.1 release to reduce memory consumption should also allow JMeter to 
run a larger number of threads, so you may also see an improvement by 
using a nightly build instead of the released version.

    Sorry I can't give you a more specific answer -- there are so many 
factors involved that it is nearly impossible to be specific.  Perhaps 
others can give some examples of what they've been able to achieve in 
the past.

Jeremy wrote:

>What is the maximum number of threads JMeter supports?
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