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From "Ayman Mobarak" <>
Subject Ignoring Case in Response Assertion
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 18:08:47 GMT
Does anyone know how to construct an assertion that tests for the presence
of a string while ignoring the case? I am using JMeter 1.8.

I have defined a user parameter as such:
name = MyParam, value = "PARAM VALUE"
(double quotes are for clarity in this email)

I have added a reponse assertion to an HTTP request like so:
Text Response / Contains / ${MyParam}

The assertion fails because the application comes back with
"Param Value" rather than "PARAM VALUE"

To solve this problem in Perl, one would write

if( !( $Test =~ /$MyParam/i ) )
   # assert

Is there an equivalent sytax for JMeter assertions?
Also, what is the difference between "Contains" and "Matches" in the
assertion dialog?

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