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From "Jens von Pilgrim" <>
Subject Is Size-Assertion working?
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 15:44:49 GMT

I'm sorry for my questions... probably I made a mistake in the
configuratoin.. but is it possible that the "size assertion" is not working?
I added this assertion with size>10000 (my page is excpected to have about
13000 bytes) and I was astonished to see that all my requests failed. I
calmed down after saving the responses: Uh, all my pages were delivered
Then I made the test vice versa: size<=10000 - and all my tests failed
again. Oh! What's that? How could a page size be >10000 and <=10000 at the
same time? New kind of logic ;-) ? Or am I doing something completly wrong?



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