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From "Jens von Pilgrim" <>
Subject RE: URL-Rewriting Modifier adds a ';'
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 14:33:19 GMT

> It's probably because of the way your web pages are setting the
> session ID - there
> might be a redirect page and the redirect location string ends with
> PHPSESSID=12345678; - JMeter is picking up the semi-colon as part of the
> session ID.

Thank you for answering so quickly. But - no - there's no ';' in the parsed
URL. And no redirect page. None of my pages produces ';'...

> You could change to using a regular expression
> function to grab the
> session ID and use it over and over again in your test.

Good idea, but I must concede that I'm a JMeter newbie :). As I wrote I
added a workaround in my php application. But the ';' is definitly produced
by JMeter.



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