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From "Mike Stover" <>
Subject Re: Remote Testing & memory issues.
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 20:44:30 GMT
Is it possible it's running out of stack memory, as opposed to heap?  I've had that problem

before when I was parsing response HTML for certain things, there's a lot of recursive calls
the parsing of HTML sometimes, and for one particular test, I was running out of stack 
memory.  The 4 processor machine may have been able to fill up the stack faster than the 
other machines...  

The stack is normally 1MB, I think.  You can increase it similarly to the way you increased
heap size to 512 (read the java documentation - I haven't got it memorized).


On 21 Jan 2003 at 15:35, Lawrence, Steve wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm seeing some very strange behaviour when running Jmeter in 'distributed
> mode'.
> I've successfully gotten my client / server set up, running on Windows 2k.
> (Still can't get it working under Linux, but that's another story).
> I've recorded a very small script which hits a couple of urls on my
> webserver. The entire script comes in at 39k.
> I have my Master machine, a local slave machine, a distant slave machine,
> and a webserver which is on my local subnet.
> Master Machine - NT4, 256Mb Memory.
> Local slave - NT4, 256Mb Memory
> Distant slave - 4 processor NT2k, 2 gig memory. (I'll call him Waldo)
> Webserver - Linux, 4 gig..
> I've set up my test for 50 threads, 10 loops, 1 second ramp.
> I can run it locally on the Master machine fine. 
> I can remote start it on my local slave (256Mb machine). It maxes the
> processor and ends up using between 50 and 80 meg of memory for the app - It
> finished the script fine.
> If I remote run it on Waldo it gets about halfway through the threads (it's
> done about 500 counts) and then hangs. It first stops reporting back to my
> master machine, and eventually it gives me java.lang.out of memory error on
> the console. It's used about 80 meg of memory at this point.
> If I load up the gui, and run the script locally on Waldo it runs fine. Its
> memory usage runs between 89 meg and 50 meg, often with large drops followed
> by smaller incrementals up.
> I've tried setting the switch -Xmx512m in the jmeter.bat file, but that
> seems to make no difference. 
> Can anyone clue me in to why this doesn't work remotely? This certainly
> isn't a lack of memory issue. :(
> Thanks in advance, and thanks in retrospect to Scott Eade for posting his
> ENV scripts for Windoze.
> Steve.
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