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From Scott Eade <>
Subject Browser-derived headers & images from proxy
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 23:55:47 GMT
I have two questions pertaining to the results of recording a session using
the HTTP Proxy Server.

1. If I record a HTTP session using the proxy, each request is created with
a child HTTP Header Manager object.  Should these be retained in the test
script for playback or can they be discarded?  I can see that the header
manager would be useful if I wanted to manually manipulate the headers (say
if the application behaviour depended upon the presence of certain headers),
but what if my application doesn't care?  I would also imagine that the keep
alive flag on the http request, as well as the host, referrer, etc. would
all be sent automatically by JMeter in the absence of the HTTP Header
Manager - is this correct?

2. When a session is recorded, individual HTTP Requests are created for any
images that are encountered in the session.  I seem to recall the
documentation indicating that these should be discarded in favour of using
the "Retrieve All Images and Java Applets (HTML files only)" option on HTTP
Requests for actual web pages.  I see two problems here:
A. Using the "Retrieve All" option does not seem to retrieve all of the
images that were recorded during the proxy session.
B. When the "Retrieve All" option is used, the same images appear to be
retrieved over and over (e.g. images in the site navigation) rather than
mimicking the cache behaviour of the browser (i.e. retrieve on the first
occurrence, use the cache on subsequent occurrences - as is recorded by the
It appears that the "Retrieve All" option is not doing all that it should,
is this correct?


Scott Eade
Backstage Technologies Pty. Ltd.
.Mac Chat/AIM: seade at mac dot com

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