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From Emir <>
Subject Several problems - please help
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 21:25:18 GMT

I am trying to use JMeter to run a benchmark test for JXTA code 
(, JMeter 1.8 on Windows 2000, JDK 1.4.1.

I implemented a JavaSamplerClient interface. My class just starts JXTA 
platform and exits.

The first problem is that when I run the test plan, JMeter GUI crashes 
and closes completely. I tried to add/remove Graphical listener and file 
name for result collection, but no improvement. Once I got the error 
that SAX parser could not find the root element, but I cannot reproduce 
this error.
My test class does start (I get its config dialog), but as soon as I 
finish with it, JMeter crashes with no results reported.
How do I begin to look for the reasons for crash, where and how to set 
the debugging for JMeter?

The second problem is the cumbersome way to load classes. It seems that 
the only way is to add the jar files to lib/ or lib/ext. Is there any 
other way to tell JMeter where to look for them? Copying all the 
packages from all over the disk is hard, especially when they get 
changed frequently. Why are .zip files ignored.

Then, it seems that JMeter does not save changes for test elements, I 
tried to remove the filename for results, but it doesn't update the 
configuration. I have to remove the element (listener) and add it with 
another configuration and then it accepts the change.



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