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From "Mike Stover" <>
Subject Re: Multiple values for a parameter
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 05:56:59 GMT
The User Parameters config element is similar to this, except it's values are held in a gui
It would be a simple matter to study that code and figure out how to do the same thing but

reading the values from a file instead of the gui table.


On 6 Dec 2002 at 16:23, Bryan Baker wrote:

> I'm currently trying to create a test-plan with JMeter version 1.8 which
> would have a parameter that gets its value from a list of potentially
> thousands of values. 
> So for example my URL may look like this:
> The string 'value' would then be replaced by a value taken from a list (in
> memory, from file etc).
> So if I had a file that looks like...
> jim
> jane
> bill
> [thousands of additional lines]
> ---END OF FILE---
> On the first iteration the URL sent would appear like:
> The second:
> ...and so on where this list would likely contain thousands of unique
> values.
> The closest I've found to this is using a counter where its numeric value is
> a part of the parameter value generated. This obviously only allows me to
> change the counter value (instead of increment through a list of values).
> The brute force way to accomplish this would be to create an HTTP Request
> Default node for every variation (by copying the XML or manually entering
> each node). This does not accomplish what I need.
> I'm new to JMeter but I feel like I'm on the fringe of JMeter's
> functionality. My gut feeling is that what I'm describing would be
> accomplished with a combination of using the said counter and creating my
> own Config Element 'Java Sample.'
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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