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From Michal Kostrzewa <>
Subject Re: A Counter within a Loop controller?
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 23:38:39 GMT
> purpose.  An additional requirement however is that the pages within the
> loop need to pass a parameter whose value increases sequentially (this
> being the "_session_access_counter" that a turbine application uses to
> ensure that a page is not reposted).  

Sorry if I didn't understand the problem, but...
Is it sufficient to simply send _session_access_counter value received from 
the previous response? How the browser knows what to send? It doesn't have 
counter itself, does it? I think the application server places appropriate 
_session_acces_counter in links, actions of forms etc, and the browser simply 
answers with that value. This value is of course invalid when you 
refresh/back your page. Am I right?
If so, making requests with _session_counter evaluated arbitrary (from 
application server point of view) from loop controller will not work. You 
will have to provide exact starting value and keep numbering consistent. And 
what if you want next requests outside the loop - implementing counter in 
loop controller won't suffice.
If I am right, my advice is to parse this number from previous request 
(__regex or link modifier)

Does it make any sense?

best regards
Michal Kostrzewa

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