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From Bryan Baker <>
Subject Multiple values for a parameter
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 00:23:53 GMT
I'm currently trying to create a test-plan with JMeter version 1.8 which
would have a parameter that gets its value from a list of potentially
thousands of values. 

So for example my URL may look like this:

The string 'value' would then be replaced by a value taken from a list (in
memory, from file etc).

So if I had a file that looks like...
[thousands of additional lines]

On the first iteration the URL sent would appear like:
The second:

...and so on where this list would likely contain thousands of unique

The closest I've found to this is using a counter where its numeric value is
a part of the parameter value generated. This obviously only allows me to
change the counter value (instead of increment through a list of values).

The brute force way to accomplish this would be to create an HTTP Request
Default node for every variation (by copying the XML or manually entering
each node). This does not accomplish what I need.

I'm new to JMeter but I feel like I'm on the fringe of JMeter's
functionality. My gut feeling is that what I'm describing would be
accomplished with a combination of using the said counter and creating my
own Config Element 'Java Sample.'


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