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From Justin Watkins <>
Subject RMI on OS X
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 19:41:58 GMT
First, let me say that I love the product.  It has saved me many times.

I'm trying to get the JMeter to run as a server on OS X platform.  I've got
RMI running as root and I think all of the proper CLASSPATH variables set.
I'm using bash and set them in the .bash_profile script.  When I echo the
vars they seem correct.  When I launch JMeter Server it doesn't complain
about anything however when I try to access it from a client, it never
succeeds.  The client is running on a PC right now.  I can go the other way
MAC client -> PC server.

The whole point of this is I have many powerful macs that run the tests
loads better than any pc and I would like to distrubute the testing among
them.  I will be able to reach the desired number of users with less macs.
What should I check first?  Is there a way other than through JMeter to see
if the JMeter server is running properly.  I am not new to Java just new to


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