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From "Amir Nashat" <anas...@CJ.COM>
Subject Re: What is the exact time reported by jMeter
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 21:43:37 GMT

One ad-hoc method would be to embed system.out.println() calls in the view. The first one
would print out some initial time at the very beginning of the page. The second one would
be put at the very end of the page and would print out the time as well. The total time to
load the page is the difference of the two. This might not be the most robust solution but
it should results you are looking for.




>>> 2:32:24 PM 09/12/02 >>>
How does jMeter calculate the response time for a page?
Many of our pages are made up of frames and also have javascript and images
but I would guess that the actual delay experienced by the User is not the
same as the sum of the times recorded by jMeter to load all these

How do I get an idea of how long it took the page to load from the point of
view of a user of our web-app? 

Probably I can ignore gifs and js files as after the first access these are
cached by the Browser. But what about the case of frames and the frameset
definition itself.

Thanks in advance

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