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From "Wolfram Rittmeyer" <>
Subject AW: Email working?
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 06:24:57 GMT
Hi Finn,

yes the MailerVisualizer is working. Some of the entries to make are rather

The "from"-field can get any entry you want. That is the address shown to
the receivers of the notification-mail. I would choose something so that you
realize immediately that something has gone wrong (or you could use this
address to filter mails in your mail-client).

The addressies are the mail-addresses the notification-mail should be sent
to. You can seperate addresses by using a comma as delimiter (like

In SMTP-host you have to specify a SMTP-server-address. This one is of
course a needed field. Without it nothing will be sent since JMeter wouldn't
know how to send the mails.

Failure Subject and Success subject are entries where you can specify the
subject-field of the mails to be send. You can type in whatever you think is
meaningful. The first one is used, when something went wrong. The second one
is used to inform you that tests are successful again.

Failure Limit and Success Limit are useful to limit the amount of mails you
will receive. Before distributing mails to different receivers you
definitively should try a little to get the right configuration of these
entries. The failure limit is the number of allowed failures prior to
sending a mail. The standard is "2". So after two tests already failed the
next failure will trigger JMeter to send a failure-message. The
failure-counter will be reset again afterwards.

After a failure-message has been sent JMeter counts the number of successful
tests. If this number is bigger than the entry in "Success Limit" a
success-message is send to all recipients.

Well, I hope these informations are helpful enough. You should really fiddle
about a bit - especially with the limit-parameters.



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