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From "Kiewel, Brad" <>
Subject RE: Java Protocol Extension
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 13:03:50 GMT
Andrea and Piero,

It sounds like your doing something very similar to how our product communicates.  I developed
the JMeter protocol so we could do performance testing.  I've attached a zip file with some
documentation and a couple of classes I use to test our application. 

The purpose of the Java Protocol is provide a way for JMeter users to write code which can
be run as part of JMeter.  This is similar to Mercury LoadRunner "rmi" protocol.  The user
created code needs to be in a jar file placed in the JMeter lib/ext folder.  The user code
needs to implement the JavaSamplerClient interface.  The interface defines the methods needed
to tie into JMeter.  Jmeter looks for all the classes which implement JavaSamplerClient and
displays them in the dropdown menu.  I provide the SleepTest class as an example.  The user
can pass parameters into their code by setting the parameters in the interface.  In the example
source code, LoadTestRunner, I pass in the URL of the servlet and the name of the test script
file.  The runTest method actually executes each test case.  The method must fill in the necessary
SampleResult data.  Again, LoadTestRunner provides an example of how I populate the SampleResult
data.  I do some "tricks" to capture the data and form!
at it s
o it can read into Excel.  I have an XSLT file to convert from XML to a comma separated value
file for Excel.

The whole point of the JavaProtocol is to have explicit control over the messages sent to
the application being tested.  I actually use our communication methods to send the messages.
 That way the message is formatted correctly whether you're serializing objects or using a
proprietary encryption technique.

Please review the material I've provided and let me know if you have more questions.

Happy performing!

Brad Kiewel
Fiserv Advanced Insurance Solutions
4200 University, Suite 400
West Des Moines, IA 50266

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From: Andrea Vaccaro 
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 5:26 AM
To: Kiewel, Brad; Kiewel, Brad
Subject: Java Protocol Extension

we are interested in using JMeter to load test a servlet that use http tunneling. The client,
an applet, serializes a java object and de-serializes another one from the response.
We read your post on jmeter-dev mailing list and it seems very interesting, where can we find
further information on your Java Protocol Extension?

Thanks in advance,

Andrea and Piero
Team XPLayers at Quinary

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