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From "Wangke Liao" <>
Subject RE: Usage of _regexFunction
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 21:18:00 GMT
Hi, Mike and All,

I am wondering whether I can use the same _regexFunctions(x, x, x, x, ,
getID) on multiple page results. The scenario arose in this:

1. Do a search that return a page with a list of 10 (or whatever predefine
number) result items plus a link to browse the next 10 items on the next
2. Click the "Next" link to get the next 10 results, now with links to
browse both previous and next 10 items etc - a very common search result
presentation scheme.
3. Now since all the items' IDs in these pages are what I need for later
loops, I want to use the same getID function in a series of pages to grab
all of them together in one getID function. And use Parameter Mask to loop
through them later.

My question is: when I use the same _regexFunction repeatedly to the
responses from result page to result page, will the $(getID_g#) array keep
appending itself with next set of values, or starting from each result page
it will replace whatever previously stored in getID array with new Ids of
current page instead? I obvious prefer it to keep appending instead of
refreshing itself.

Hope I described the problem clear enough. Any answer is appreciated.


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