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From Michael Morris <>
Subject RE: HTML link Parser question
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 13:45:51 GMT
thanks, See my comments below

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From: Mike Stover []
Sent: 13 September 2002 17:17
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Re: HTML link Parser question

There's a lot of things that could prevent this from working:

1.  Are you using JMeter 1.7.3 or a recent nightly?  JMeter 1.7 will not
work they way your 
test is described.

****I am using the latest nightly release.

2. Are the edits sent in req 2 a Form or an anchor link?  If a form, did you
make req2 use the 
POST method?  If a link, is it set to GET?

****It is a form and is I used the Post method.

3. Are some of the values and/or path of the form in req 2 set using
javascript that the HTML 
Link Parser can't parse?

****yes it does use javascript.

4.  Did you create this test by recording it or by writing it by hand?  If
by hand, you've most 
likely made a mistake somewhere - easier to record and modify afterward than
write by hand.

****it was recorded	

5.  When all else fails, you must examine the HTML response from req1 and
verify it contains 
the form or link and all the values you expect it to contain.  Javascript
and other funkiness can 
screw things up (but that doesn't mean there aren't ways around this).

****The response does seem to contain the values


On 13 Sep 2002 at 17:01, Michael Morris wrote:

> I have been following the emails going back and forth between Rohit
> Mike Stover and John Kavadias.
> I just cannot seem to get the HTML link parser to do what I want.
> Here is my tree:
> - Test Plan
> 	- Thread Group	
> 		- Simple Controller
> 			- login
> 			- Http req 1 
> 			-Simple controller
> 				- HTML link parser
> 				- Http req 2  
> 			-timer
> 			-view results tree
> 			-Http cookie manager
> 			-header manager
> notes: 
> Http req 1 creates a record and returns a page of HTML containing the
> parameter "recordID"
> Http req 2 edits the record just created, in the list of parameters here I
> add .* for the value of recordID.
> From what I understand, this should work. What am I doing wrong? 
> Thanks
> Michael
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