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From "Zazueta, Robert" <>
Subject RE: Link Parser
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 15:07:52 GMT
Heh... well, I was interested in using it primarily as a link/site stability
checker looking for error 500s, 404s and the like. Without going into
detail, let's just say I can't rely on the error logs for this info.

So I did a little search and found the Webbot over on the W3C site. It's
free, based on the open libwww library and has a command line binary for
Win32. Webbot acts as a link checker and seems to do a pretty reasonable job
at it.

But it's no JMeter. It lacks a nice GUI, graphing functions, etc. 

So, for all of us spiderin' fools, I'd suggest grabbing webbot for the time
being, but perhaps adding a spidering toolkit to JMeter isn't a half bad
idea. Time is an issue for me as well, but I'd be willing to take a crack at
it if I found some. 

Rob Z.

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From: Mike Stover []
Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 6:16 AM
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Re: Link Parser

It depends on what is on that second page that is returned.  If there are
other links 
on it with a different pattern, then maybe a third HTTP Request with an HTML
Parser and different regex's would work.  Otherwise I'd say just loop
loading the home page, loading a random link from it, load home page, random

link, ...etc.

Really, what ya'll spiderin' fools ought to do is make yourselves a new
toolkit that saves a stack of all links parsed, and loops through them all
till there are 
no more, at which point it breaks out of the loop.  It really wouldn't be
that hard to 
do - make a loop controller extension that ends the loop on error condition,
make an extension to the HTML Link Parser that creates a stack of all links
and changes HTTP Requests with each link in turn to match.  

I'll help and answer questions, but it's not something I'm going to work on 
personally anytime soon, because I've got too much else to do and it's not a
priority for me.  

Although, if enough of you wanted this, I suppose that would change.  Damn
easy :-\


On 5 Sep 2002 at 11:03, Andrea Trasatti wrote:

> Hello,
> 	this idea of the link parser used as a spider is very good, I would
> I am trying to apply it to my project and I have a little problem, but I'm
sure there's a 
> solution, I just can't find it now and by myself.
> I created a project JUST like Zazueta and I have the same setup.
> What happens is that it loads the home page and the first link but then
> My site is written in PHP and EVERY page is 
> http://mysite/index.php?action=<something>
> How should I do to make JMeter browse all the site? Use a Loop controller?
> Thanks,
> 	Andrea
> On 4 Sep 2002 at 10:29, Zazueta, Robert wrote:
> > Hey y'all. New to the list. I just went through the archives and found
> > of the answer I was lookinf for in regards to using the link parser as
> > of a spidering tool (I actually *do* see some use to doing this for our
> > site). Everything is more or less copasetic except for one thing: it
> > seem to like regular expressions in the path of the HTTP Request.
> > 
> > Here's what I'm using:
> > 	JDK 1.3.1
> > 	JMeter 1.7.3
> > 	Windows 2000
> > 
> > Here's how it's set up:
> > 
> > Root
> > 	Test Plan
> > 		Thread Group
> > 			HTTP Request (Domain: my-machine, Port: 5000 Path:
> > /)
> > 			Simple Controller
> > 				HTTP HTML Link Parser
> > 				HTTP Request (Domain: my-machine, Port: 5000
> > Path: .*)
> > 			Constant Timer (3000ms)
> > 			View Results Tree
> > 			HTTP Cookie Manager
> > WorkBench
> > 
> > The results tree show just fine for the first HTML Request. For the
> > one, though, the request data is "http://my-machine:5000/.*" and the
> > Response code is a Non HTTP Response Code. The HTTP response Message is
> > you guessed it -- a Non HTTP response message.
> > 
> > Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks!
> > 
> > Rob Z.
> > 
> > 
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