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From "Mike Stover" <>
Subject Re: Link Parser vs. Parameter Mask
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 01:11:04 GMT
Two suggestions (both of which require you download and compile the latest nightly).

One, try using the new Counter config element instead of the Parameter Mask modifier.  I 
think this will fix the ordering problem.  The other suggestion, if that doesn't work, is
use the 
__regexFunction instead of the HTML Link Parser to grab the value you're interested in.

Both these elements are documented, so you can read about them.


On 26 Sep 2002 at 17:00, Emerson, David wrote:

> I'm using the 1.7.3 release of JMeter and I've got a Test Plan where one of
> the HTTP Requests uses a Parameter Mask for some of the parameters (It's
> counting down an auction bid so that each successive bid is lower than the
> previous one). This seems to work fine. I also need to use a Link Parser to
> substitute values for a few other parameters in the same request. The Link
> Parser isn't finding the values from the form from the prior response. I've
> used the Link Parser before and it seemed to work fine. Should it be
> possible to use both modifiers on the same request? I'm using * for the
> values that I want the Parameter Mask to substitute and .* for the values
> that I want the Link Parser to look for. All the values for the Link Parser
> get passed as a literal .*
> Thanks.

Michael Stover
Yahoo IM: mstover_ya
ICQ: 152975688

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