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From "Mike Stover" <>
Subject Re: What is the exact time reported by jMeter
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 23:58:19 GMT
On 12 Sep 2002 at 17:32, Sosnowski, Andrew P [IT] wrote:

> How does jMeter calculate the response time for a page?
> Many of our pages are made up of frames and also have javascript and images
> but I would guess that the actual delay experienced by the User is not the
> same as the sum of the times recorded by jMeter to load all these
> components? 
> How do I get an idea of how long it took the page to load from the point of
> view of a user of our web-app? 

JMeter cannot give you a subjective impression of how long a page takes to load.  But, there

is a simple solution.  Use JMeter to put a load on the server.  While that is running, browse
site yourself with a browser.  See for yourself.  Vary the load and repeat.  By doing so,
can hopefully figure out how the numbers from JMeter correlate to user experience for your


Michael Stover
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