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From "Sosnowski, Andrew P [IT]" <>
Subject RE: What is the exact time reported by jMeter
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 21:03:51 GMT
 In the Sample Results, there is a timestamp and a time field.
Mike, can you explain exactly what these are?
Is the timestamp the time of the request and is the time the elapsed time
until the response for that request?
If so then I may be able to get a subjective feel for how long a page with
frames loads by taking the start-time of the frameset page and calculating
the elapsed time to the response for the frame that was loaded last.

If you like perhaps I could add this kind of information to the jmeter docs.

Thanks again 


-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Stover
Sent: 9/12/02 7:58 PM
Subject: Re: What is the exact time reported by jMeter

On 12 Sep 2002 at 17:32, Sosnowski, Andrew P [IT] wrote:

> How does jMeter calculate the response time for a page?
> Many of our pages are made up of frames and also have javascript and
> but I would guess that the actual delay experienced by the User is not
> same as the sum of the times recorded by jMeter to load all these
> components? 
> How do I get an idea of how long it took the page to load from the
point of
> view of a user of our web-app? 

JMeter cannot give you a subjective impression of how long a page takes
to load.  But, there 
is a simple solution.  Use JMeter to put a load on the server.  While
that is running, browse the 
site yourself with a browser.  See for yourself.  Vary the load and
repeat.  By doing so, you 
can hopefully figure out how the numbers from JMeter correlate to user
experience for your 

Michael Stover
Yahoo IM: mstover_ya
ICQ: 152975688

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