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From Eric Siegerman <>
Subject Re: Extending JMeter with a new generative controller
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 17:50:12 GMT
On Fri, Sep 27, 2002 at 12:14:03PM -0400, Mike Stover wrote:
> Have you used the proxy recording component to record your browser actions?
> On 26 Sep 2002 at 18:42, Jason Fisher wrote:
> > I want to create what I think would be a valuable tool for others as well.
> > I would like to extend JMeter and create a Generative Controller that reads
> > an Apache log file and sends HTTP requests to a given host with the GET or
> > POST params from the requests in the log file.  

The proxy's very useful, but only for capturing one's own use of
the target site.  Jason's log reader would make it easy to replay
a period of production use, after the fact.  A couple of uses
come to mind:
  - You could load-test what real users have actually done,
    rather than just what you imagine they might do

  - If something interesting happens (e.g. your site crashes due
    to load, or starts spitting out erroneous pages), you could
    more easily turn the sequence that caused the failure into a
    regression-test case -- even if the sequence is thousands of
    requests long

However, it seems to me that the log reader should act more like
the proxy than like HTTP Request.  That is, it shouldn't be a
sampler, which is used during a test run to generate actual
requests to the target site.  Instead, it should be used
*outside* of a test run to write a test plan, as the proxy does.
  - One could edit the resulting test plan (fine tuning, adding
    assertions, arranging to log in the users first, etc.),
    rather than being constrained to replay *exactly* what's in
    the log

  - One wouldn't pay the overhead of reading and parsing the log
    file during real-time testing

  - If the log reader were a sampler, one would have to store the
    Apache log files along with the test plans that use them.
    With the log reader as a test-plan generator, the Apache log
    is only needed temporarily; you can trash it once you've
    saved the .jmx file

  - It just conceptually feels like the Right Thing


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