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From Finn Ulff-Møller <>
Subject RE: What activates the Email Listener?
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 16:35:21 GMT
Thanks Mike

I downloaded the unstable version of 14-aug and got it running.
There is no Proxy Server in the list of Config. Elements but I 
used the Proxy-example.jmx in the demos directory and got it 

I have also tested nightly builds of 31-aug and 5-sep. When I 
try to run both of them I get a ZipException: Method)
which surprise me because the method does not 
seem to exist neither in jdk1.3.1 nor jdk1.4.0_01!

In any case, the unstable version seems to be able to do what 
I need, so I am happy for now.

My compliments, you guys have really gone a long way as compared 
to JMeter 1.7.beta3 from March!



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From: Mike Stover []
Sent: 05/09 2002 16:49
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Re: What activates the Email Listener?

You'd be better off grabbing a more recent version of JMeter - Assertions
then didn't affect the success/fail status of responses.  Instead, they just
assertion responses which could only be viewed with the Assertion


On 5 Sep 2002 at 16:30, Finn Ulff-Møller wrote:

> Hi again Wolfram (most likely)
> I forgot to ask what activates the Email Listener apart from the Test Mail
> button?
> I have tried to generate an error condition by putting something unlikely
> into an
> Assertion but that triggers no email. Nor does a load test putting quite a
> high load 
> on our test machine.
> Should the Email Listener be combined with some Logic Controller? I am not
> so 
> familiar with the latter yet.
> I am pt. using JMeter 1.7.beta3. If another version would be better for
> purpose 
> would you be kind enough to point me towards that.
> Thanks again for your patience.
> Finn
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