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From "John Kavadias" <>
Subject RE: Attn: Denis Wang....RE: multiple user login in multiplethreads of one loop
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 03:34:54 GMT
Hi Amir.

Your 'workaround' using JMeter 1.7 seems reasonable given 1.7's feature set.

Mike advised using the nightlies, to gain access to the User Parameters config element. The
online manual says:

13.4.10 User Parameters 
Allows the user to specify values specific to individual threads. 
Try this:

Test Plan
  Thread Group (numthreads: 4)
    User Parameters (set up the number of users to match your numthreads)
                    (set up the parameter value sets you need for each user)
    HTTP Request    (your login request, which uses parameters from above)

You can also use more HTTP specific config elements (User Parameters are generic and can be
used across all JMeter objects). These are available in unstable/1.7.3, as well as the nightlies:

HTML Parameter Mask

HTTP User Parameter Modifier

I am using HTML Parameter Mask myself at the moment for a large population of synthetic user
identities in my web app's logins. This happened to be best because of the existing tools
the end to end system has for generating user identities and related data.

John Kavadias.

-----Original Message-----
From: Amir Nashat []
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 12:54 PM
Subject: Attn: Denis Wang....RE: multiple user login in multiplethreads
of one loop

This is in response to an earlier post dated August 27th.

Going through the archives I am not sure if correct answer was given but I will try my attempt
at giving one and if I am wrong then please feel free to correct me. the question was:

>>Hello, All,
>> I have been using JMeter to load test a development j2ee website for a
>> couple of weeks.  I don't know how to simulate the effect of multiple
>> different users' login with multiple threads and within one loop.  For
>> example,
>> Thread:
>>        Number of Threads: 4
>>        Loop count: 2
>>    -interleave controller
>>        user1 login
>>        user2 login
>>        user3 login
>>        user4 login
>> However, the results are not as expected:
>> in the first loop, all four threads are loggined as user1;
>> in the second loop, all four threads are loggined as user2.
>> What I want is:
>> In the first loop, user1 ~ user4 are loggined.
>> In the second loop, user1~ user4 are logined.
>> Any help will be highly appreciated!
>> Denis

The reply was from Mike Stover was:

>You can do this using the new UserParameters config element.  It is only available 
i>n the nightlies, however.


However, I believe you can currently do it with 1.7 Beta 3. 

My solution is as following:
1) Using an interleave controller is not correct. This will only allow you to submit one login
for each loop iteration in order from top to down. Thus, loop one user1 login occurs. Loop
two user2 login occurs. If you had a loop three user3 login occurs but from what was stated
only 2 loops were used.
2) In order to obtain the effect that was required then four thread groups should be created.
Each thread group will have only one thread per group and only one loop per group and a ramp
up period of 0 seconds. Also, aside from the login being included as well each thread group
will have a constant timer set approximately 1000 ms apart from the value of the timer in
the previous thread group(e.g. thread group one will have a constant timer set at 1000 ms...thread
group two will have it set at 2000 ms...etc). Since each thread group runs concurrently then
all four threads will run at the same time with each login 1000 ms apart thus simulating exactly
what Denis needed.

Now comes my question...sorry for the mess. How exactly would Mike's solution have worked
in this same scenario? I am curious to find out. I don't know much about this new UserParameter
config and after going through the archives and creating the javadoc from the source I still
couldn't get a clear understanding.

Mike, if you have the time I am all ears!! or I should say eyes...



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