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Subject RE: JMeter and https with jdk1.4
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 18:43:29 GMT

Where are the ssl.provider and ssl.pkgs located?

"David Anderson" <> on 08/27/2002 09:52:53 AM

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Subject:  RE: JMeter and https with jdk1.4

I'm also using jdk1.4.1 and to get SSL working with the GUI client I had to
do the following:

1.) Uncomment ssl.provider and ssl.pkgs
2.) Set to the default cacerts file found in your
jre/lib/security directory
3.) Used keytool to import copies of the certs that were being used by the
web servers for SSL into the trusted store

When I ran the test, the GUI client would prompt me for the keystore
password...the default keystore password is changeit, and that would
complete the initialization of my SSL context allowing me to successfully
run my test plan.

hope this helps,


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From: John Kavadias []
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 4:36 AM
To: 'JMeter Users List'
Subject: RE: JMeter and https with jdk1.4

Hello Jochen.

I do not have a complete answer for you, as my current tests do not require
https. In fact I would appreciate the same answers you need!

However, since our web application is actually developed to support https
for sensitive resource access, I did try it.

+ You do have to uncomment both ssl.provider and ssl.pkgs

This was not sufficient for me to get https working with JMeter, however.

I got JMeter to the point where it was prompting for a password for
accessing the default JKS format key store.

I gave a password (only 3 characters) at this point, but after the test
(which failed) could not find my key store. (I also found from JSSE
documentation that I should have used an 8 character minimum password at
this point.)

I think my client side key store was not created because of the failure
recorded in the attached https-ex.txt file.

I do not get JMeter to successfully issue the https request. An exception
is thrown while trying to set up the connection to the server.

Part of my problem is that I am using a web server with a self signed
server certificate, for testing use only.

It is not a 'real' certificate signed by a trusted authority. I think this
means I need to modify a certs file in my j2sdk and j2re installations to
make the test certificate 'trusted'. The JSSE documentation talks about

At this point my need to get an overall set of tests in place overrode
investigating JSSE and getting https going for me in JMeter.

Intial test plan and Exception attached.

Comments welcome,
John Kavadias

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