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From "Stiepel, Jochen" <>
Subject HTML User Parameter Modifier
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 15:32:42 GMT

I have a question:

With the "HTML User Parameter Modifier" I can define Parameters for a HTTP
Are these Parameter the "Send Parameter With the Request:" an than under
"Name:" in an HTTP Resquest ?
I think so, but maybe someone can add this in the documentation under 13.7.4

But my problem is, I have to change a variable in a value of an HTTP Request
Parameter. And it would be nice if I can define maybe user_id in the xml
file and than I write in the "Value" where some is some more text $user_id$
and the "$user_id$" would replace with "dduck".

Name:				Value:
xmlrequest			<some data>$user_id$</some data>

an than bevor the request goes to the server, the user_id where changed to

xmlrequest			<some data>dduck</some data>


Jochen Stiepel

Dresdner Bank AG
Unternehmensbereich P&G IT
Systeme für Produkte und Vertrieb
IT-Globale Multikanal Services
Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1
60301 Frankfurt/Main

Tel	(069) 2 63-15 9 26
*	(069) 2 63-5 01 50

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