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From "Neal Bridges" <>
Subject User Logins
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 17:06:49 GMT
My Test Plan is as follows:

Thread Group
   HTTP Request Defaults
   HTTP Cookie Manager
   HTTP Request
   File Reporter

I've got the HTTP Request going to which
sends it to index.jsp that sets a jsessionid and redirects to a struts
action, finally ending up at  From there I want to POST
username and information.

1) The session-id that is set at index.jsp should carry over to the
/do/login/check, is that natively done for each thread?

2) Do I need to put my POST data in the first HTTP Request or should/can I
create another HTTP Request to do the post and measure those times
differantly?  Will the session-id carry over to the second HTTP Request

3) After the username and pass are POSTed then they get thrown a shared
secret screen with a random question from a pool of do i set JMeter
up to answer the correct shared secret question?

Thanks in advanced.

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