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From Scott Eade <>
Subject Re: HTTP Parameter Mask
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:14:11 GMT
> From: "Joseph Barefoot" <>
>>> I can send you the generator source and compiled classes, plus a test
>>> template file if you like.
>> Yes, please send me the code off-list.  This may be helpful if I end up
>> going down this route.  Perhaps it may be helpful to others - is there
>> somewhere on the JMeter site it could go?
> Dunno, but if others find it useful, I'm certainly fine with putting the
> source code up somewhere for people to use or adapt to their own needs.
> peace,
> Joe
> P.S. I sent the code to you offline, b.t.w.

Joe - thanks for the code.  As you may have seen I went the way of HTML
Parameter Mask.  Mike has committed my patches to support suffix values and
the functionality is included in 1.7.2.  This means that there is now
built-in jmeter functionality to produce these types of user_id and password

I still need to generate the SQL to create all of the necessary users in my
application.  This prompted me to look at the code you provided.  There was
nothing wrong with your code, but I was thinking the same thing could be
achieved reasonably easily with XSL.  The result is included in the attached
files - just change the values in user-structure.xml, then have your
favourite xslt processor (tested with msxml3, but should work fine with
xalan) transform this using users.xsl.  I only really produced the format of
users.xml for fun - for my intended purpose I will change the style sheet so
that it produces SQL specific my application rather than XML.  I thought I'd
send these to the list so that others can adapt them to their own purposes.


Scott Eade
Backstage Technologies Pty. Ltd.

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