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From Chris Wopat <>
Subject dynamic sessions
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 21:26:09 GMT
Hello, I've been searching over the archives but haven't quite found the
solution to my 'problem'. I am testing an application which gives a new
session id for each new log-in. 

However, the sesionID is not a standard name/value pair, instead we have ONE
name/value pair which holds all of the information (userid, sessionid,
screentype, blah blah). It looks something like this:


Notice that it LOOKS like a string of name/value pairs, but really they're
all a part of the master 'val' name. I'd imagine you're wondering why this
is done; it's because in production we encrypt the url and it looks like our
developers took the cheap way out on it :)

Anyhow, it seems that I need to parse the string after 'ourval=' and grab
the 'sessionID' out of it when JMeter logs in. The next page is a form which
actually passes the name/value pair of 'sessionID', along with much other
(static) information. I've tried adding 'sessionID=.*' in the http request,
but it's a no go. 

Assertions don't seem to do much for me either, as from what I can tell they
will just complain if it doesnt see something in the url/text. 

I've captured a sequence of pages into JMeter using the http proxy method,
but they don't do me much good if I cannot set the appropriate sessionID.


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