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From "MCMURTRIE, Dion" <>
Subject Problems with proxy server and redirection
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 06:08:18 GMT
I'm trying to get jMeter to work in my work environment and having quite a
bit of trouble.

Firstly access to the web site that I wish to test using jMeter is behind a
firewall via a proxy server. I saw that proxy server and port options could
be specified to the jmeter.bat file and did that, but I received a 407 http
error "Proxy authentication required".

I could not find anywhere to put my proxy authentication information into
jMeter so I hacked the class started by the jmeter.bat file just so that I
could keep going until I found the right way to set the proxy authentication
information. The thing that I added was a subclass of
that would authenticate to my proxy for me. That seemed to work for me, but
does anyone know the correct jMeter way to set up proxy Authentication?

Anyway that seemed to get me past the proxy authentication although a little
hacky, and now I am getting the following exception whenever I request a url
(for example
<> ) - Server redirected too many times (5)

Does anyone know the cause of this and if it can be fixed? I have tried
calling a number of different URLs and the result is always the same.

Any help much appreciated.



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