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From "Sosnowski, Andrew P [IT]" <>
Subject RE: announcements; problem with Assertion?
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 14:41:57 GMT
Hi Mike

What I did was to download the nightly build.
I didn't notice the unstable directory.

But now I have a different problem.
I'm compiling using JDK 1.3.1 and I seem to be missing*

Was this just added? I assume it may be part of J2SE 1.4.
Can I download it separately?

Sorry about the confusion. I am anxious to try the new version.

Thanks in advance

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From: Mike Stover []
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 9:53 AM
To: Sosnowski, Andrew P [IT]; JMeter Users List
Subject: RE: announcements; problem with Assertion?

When I download 1.7.2, I get a version that says it's 1.7.2, and the
Assertions gui works fine - 
there is an "Add" button at the bottom that lets me add new strings to test.

To go into sleuth mode and take a wild guess at what happened:  You
previously downloaded 
1.7.1.  Now, you grabbed the latest nightly tarball, but didn't realize you
had to compile it, so 
your binaries are still 1.7.1 binaries.  

If so, to compile a nightly tarball, go to JMeter's home directory, and type
"build install".


On 18 Jul 2002 at 8:31, Sosnowski, Andrew P [IT] wrote:

> I downloaded the new version.
> Then I added an assertion but the Assertion screen does not allow me to
> in a pattern to match?
> Other screens do allow textual input but this one doesn't?
> Also Help->About Apache Jmeter still shows 1.7.1.
> Is this version 1.7.2? How can I be sure? All the source files are dated
> 17 6AM.
> Thanks
> Andy
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