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From Scott Eade <>
Subject Load testing with unique users
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 05:31:41 GMT

I have just started looking at JMeter to evaluate if it is going to be able
to be used for load testing my apache turbine based application.

Rather than HTTP basic authentication, my application just has the user type
in their user-id and password into a regular html form.  For the testing
that I am doing I need to use unique users - i.e. Each session must belong
to a unique user.

What I was hoping to see was something in HTTP Request that allowed me to
access say the number of the thread for use in the Value of a parameter to
send with a request, either as the value itself or part thereof.  So I might
create 1000 users for my site:
... through ...

I could then configure 1000 threads and in the relevant HTTP Request specify
parameters something like this ("$" is a bad choice here, but I am only
illustrating a point):

    userid   test-user-${}
    password pw${}

I would imagine that other counters, e.g. the loop counter, might also be

Is there some way to achieve this type of thing now?

If not, does what I am suggesting seem like a good or bad way to go?

I guess an alternative would be something along the lines of the
Authorization Manager, but working with a standard HTTP Request.



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