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From De Gene Ng <>
Subject How accurate is JMeter?
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 01:44:11 GMT
To Whom It May Concern,
 I have been using the Jakarta JMeter application to load test a website for
 a client and I have managed to obtain response times for up to 200 users.
 have plotted these results on a graph and the graph is increasing linearly
 as expected.  However, how can I verify that those results/response times
 determined by JMeter are accurate?  Even with 200 simultaneous users
 (ramp-up period of 0 secs), why do I still obtain an almost-instantaneous
 minimum response time (20 milliseconds)?
 Thank you for your time,
 De Gene Ng
 Aspect Computing P/L
 551 Glenferrie Road
 Victoria 3122
 Tel: (+61 3) 9230 2222
 Mob: 0403 432 169

Andy Redwood wrote:
 To Whom It May Concern,
 Just to extend the first query below a little bit ie. "how can I verify
 those results/response times determined by JMeter are accurate?":
 Jakarta JMeter simulates X users (in our case up to 220 users)
 simultaneously hitting a Web server to get a page delivered.  By what
 mechanism does JMeter simulate the "real world" .... ie. if JMeter comes up
 with a 5 sec average response for 220 users, how do we have confidence that
 this is going to be similar to the real-world response when 220 users hit
 that Web server?
 Thanks and Regards,

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