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From "Pretterhofer, Guenter (ext.)" <>
Subject output from first HttpRequest as input for second HttpRequest
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 16:39:57 GMT
Hi all,

I had a look at jmeter today - and I really like what I see.
Thanks to everybody who helped developing this great software!

Maybe somebody can help me with the following:

As sampler I'm using the HttpRequest and I have various Listeners like
Assertion Results and View Results.
This is running fine so far.

But there is one special case I have problems with:

I get back some data from a HTTP request which I want to use partially as
input for the next HTTP request.

As far as I understand it there is a Hashmap in where all
input parameters are stored.
And the output data are stored there too after the method readResponse is
called in :

	private SampleResult sample(Entry e, boolean redirected)
		if (errorLevel == 2)
			byte[] ret = readResponse(conn);
			time = System.currentTimeMillis() - time;
			res.putValue(SampleResult.TEXT_RESPONSE, ret);
			catClass.debug("DATA: " +

I hoped to find the output data in the debug file then.
But the catClass.debug statement above printed still out the input data.

So do I have to use a different key for the output data?
Can anybody tell me how to get the output data that I see in the View
Results Listener for example?

Thanks for your help!

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