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From "Yuri Weinstein" <>
Subject RE: JMeter and OpenSTA
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 02:33:53 GMT
How can someone do parameterization in JMeter?



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From: Mike Stover [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 6:52 PM
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Re: JMeter and OpenSTA

Some answers:
JMeter can simulate as many users as your machine can handle.  For each
user, a separate 
thread is generated.  For a standard machine 100 threads seems to be a
rule-of-thumb max.  
JMeter can also run in distributed mode, which allows you to control
multiple JMeter's from a 
single machine.

JMeter is written in Java, and works on Windows and Linux/Solaris.  I
don't know if anyone 
runs it on Mac.

It can currently test HTTP, FTP, and JDBC, though HTTP is by far the
most mature part of 
JMeter.  In the nightly builds, there has been added the ability to test
arbitrary Java objects, 
with some minor programming on your part.

No scripting languages.  Test scripts are defined in JMeter's own

I don't know what Bandwidth simulation support means?

JMeter can handle several kinds of dynamic data, allowing it to react to
information returned 
from a web server.  It can also record your actions in a typical web
browser to make test 
script generation easier.

I don't know what Controller/Injector features means?

Hope this helps,


On 11 Jun 2002 at 15:33, wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> Thanks for the information. As I've just started evaluating those
tools I
> don't have any details to contribute at of now. But eventually I'd
> the experiences with you. As you've mentioned about the features /
> limitations of OpenSTA, do you have anything on similar lines for
> I'm looking for following details  about JMeter:
>    Number of VUsers supported by JMeter
>    Technologies supported - OS / Platforms / Databases / Web /
>    servers / Browsers / Protocols /
>    Scripting Languages Used / Supported.
>    JMeter FAQ - I was not able to place this on the JMeter /
>    website.
>    Bandwidth simulation support
>    Integration with other tools
>    Static / Dynamic Parameterization
>    Controller / Injector feature
> This information would be very helpful for me.
> Thanks and regards,
> Yogesh Dixit.

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> >I'm in the process of evaluating JMeter and OpenSTA. I need to select
> >one tool amongst them. Has anyone compared these two tools, or knows
> >of any document describing the comparison amongst these two.
> I'm currently updating some of JMeter's docs (including the 'My Boss
> me to ...' part, which I wrote) and would be glad to include any
> conclusions
> you may come to. The 'My Boss wants me to ...' part also includes some
> discussion about alternatives to JMeter, but it is only available with
> current CVS source-code checkout. One part I am adding to this
> is some comments about 'HttpUnit', which is another product that is
> a look.
> After a five-second web search, OpenSTA is based on Corba and offers
> HTTP profiling only (a database profiler is also available, but not
> It
> is limited to Oracle, SyBase, and Microsoft databases).
>            Regards
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