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From david garcia <>
Subject RE: siteminder
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 19:16:35 GMT

 One thing we noticed  when using JMeter with siteminder is that referers recorded in the
Browser Derived Headers when using the proxy server are not always correct. The significance
being that unless they are, siteminder will not authenticate. I had to hand check all the
referers for each request after recording to verify that they were correct. Most importantly,
make sure that the request recorded immediately after the request to /login/auth.fcc contains
/login/auth.fcc in the referer field. Mine was wrong and this turned out to be a major stumbliing
block. It may not completely solve your problems (see the todays siteminder posting by mason
jones), but it is something to be aware of. 
  "Sosnowski, Andrew P [IT]" <> wrote: Hello again

I've been playing with this some more.

Siteminder is a product of Netegrity.

When you say deal with the cookie manager what do you mean?
Do I have to enter these cookies into the Cookie Manager manually?
I do see cookies being set.

I have recorded a session and it does record the headers but it still does
not successfully log-in. 
When you record will it record the cookies too? I cannot set them because
the value in set by Siteminder software


-----Original Message-----
From: Martin Ramshaw []
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 12:49 PM
Subject: Re: siteminder

>We're trying to get use jmeter on a site protected by siteminder as
>well although it is over http not https.
>Has anyone done this?

I have changed the thread, as this really doesn't relate to the previous
subject. I have never heard of siteminder; perhaps someone else has.

>I am a new user of jmeter and so far have not been able to get through
>siteminder. I don;t quite understand how siteminder works but I think
>it sets a cookie; I have a Cookie Manager defined within my test script
>but I haven't done anything to it except add it to the script.

Something to do before you go too far, is to change your browers settings
to 'warn me before accepting cookies' (or whatever the appropriate setting
is for your browser) and then walk through a session. Make a note of all
the cookie values. Then you will be better prepared to deal with the cookie

>Hopefully the cookies are unique per thread/session?

I think this depends on the browser. I believe IE shares all cookies,
so that all open IE applications share sessions. I believe Netscape
honours session cookies.

But you should check into these things for yourself.


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