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From "Mo, Jennifer" <>
Subject RE: nongui jmeter
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 19:08:22 GMT
You were right about not having a test plan tag in the jmx file. I resaved
my jmx file version from the Test Plan level in the GUI and it included the
test plan tag.

Thanks for your help Kate!

-----Original Message-----
From: Kate Rosenbloom []
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 11:55 AM
To: Mo, Jennifer;
Subject: Re: nongui jmeter


I've successfully used the non-gui driver.  I think I recall that at one
point I ran into the same error message as you, and that it was due to
not having a test plan in the .jmx file (e.g. it had a controller
instead of
a test plan at the top level).

	Good luck,
			Kate Rosenbloom
			RapidMoney Corp.
			Santa Cruz, CA

"Mo, Jennifer" wrote:
> i saw a similar question to this one, but no one responded.
> has anyone tried using the nongui mode of jmeter? i get the following
> when i try to run a project:
> C:\jakarta-jmeter\bin>java -cp
> lib/log4j.jar;
>  -Dlog4j.configuration=log4j.conf   org.apache.jmeter.NonGuiDriver
> CashAvailable.jmx
> Created the tree successfully
> Error in NonGUIDrivernull
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>         at
> org.apache.jmeter.gui.tree.NonGuiTree.addComponent(
>         at
> org.apache.jmeter.gui.tree.NonGuiTree.addSubTree(
>         at
>         at org.apache.jmeter.NonGuiDriver.main(
> is there some sort of bug in the nongui program?? if someone has used the
> nongui, can you please email me back!

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