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From david garcia <>
Subject RE: Java Performance.
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 19:13:20 GMT

Not using any modification managers or graphical wizz-bang listeners. My guess is that your
512Mb ram and the fact that you are running on linux makes the most difference. I will try
the hotspot VM and increasing the stack size though. 
  "Stover, Michael" <> wrote: 
I would echo Berin's suggestion about not using graphical visualizers. Use
only the File reporter (you can graphically display the results therein
using the "Analyze Data" option from JMeter's main menu).

I am nonetheless surprised that you seem to hit a wall at 50. I have
successfully run more than 100 threads on my home linux box (old Athlon
600mhz, 512MB ram). Are you using the Modification Manager? If so, it
parses every return page, which can slow things done quite a bit. I have
had to increase the stack size of the JVM to deal with some pages (default
is 1 MB, i think, I increased it to 2). I forget exactly what the command
line option looked like - I'm sure you can find it on the web. I doubt it
will have any impact on number of threads the VM can handle, but who knows?
Maybe all those threads are eating up stack space.... 

Have you tried using the Hotspot server VM? Supposedly it handles threads
better than the client version. 


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> From: david garcia []
> Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 7:03 PM
> To: JMeter Users List
> Subject: Java Performance.
> First I would like to congratulate the JMeter team for 
> creating a great tool that is getting even better everyday. 
> Secondly I could use some help on one minor issue. . .
> I seemed to have hit a bottleneck with repect to the number 
> of simultaneous threads that can be generated using Jmeter1.7 
> (march 18 nightly build ) on my clients Load testing 
> workstation (win2K, 128MbRAM 800Mhz P3). Can't get past 50 
> threads without the machine locking up on me and/or my 
> sampling times go from milliseconds to minutes. I have tried 
> a number of tricks learned both from past experience and from 
> reading news groups, mail archives, the jdk 1.3.1 docs etc. 
> So far the only noticeable improvement has come from bumping 
> the heap size up from the java command line. That is in fact 
> how I got the number of threads up from 40 to 50. If any of 
> you java magicians out there have OS and/or java config 
> tricks up your sleeve that might help me get this number up 
> to 100-500 threads please let me know. In the meantime my 
> next course of action is to try and setup the jmeter server 
> on the solaris 220s where the web servers live and just using 
> the testing station as a client. Al!
> though this is a different test entirely, I would expect to 
> see a dramatic improvement in the number of simutaneous users 
> Thanks. -David-
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