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From "Nathan Chandler" <>
Subject JMeter Design: Model - View Separation
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 11:07:05 GMT

Recently I looked at JMeter with respect to automated load testing of applications with particular
interest in collection of data to files for later analysis. In this respect it is the non-gui
functionality of JMeter that interested me most. Whilst I know Java well at the server side,
I am no Swing developer. So If the following is way off the mark please forgive and set me
right. A few weeks ago a brief look at the code, with the intention of writing assertion results
to a FileReporter, seemed to suggest that data is very closely coupled to Swing models - is
this correct?

If my assumptions are right, this design is understandable since as I understand the non-gui
mode of JMeter came as add on of JMeter as a Swing App. However, I think the non-gui mode
is very valuable as as such wonder if there are any roadmap plans to divorce the model data
of Swing? This issue has come to my attention again after reading a couple of articles on
IBM's DeveloperWorks site:

Intelligent data keeps Swing simple

Swing model filtering

Looking forward to response.

PS. Is this sort of thread better posted on other JMeter forum?
PPS. Is there a DTD for .jmx files?
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