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From Koen Janssens <>
Subject Re: Picking up a hidden parameter and feeding it back to the next controller
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:38:36 GMT
Michael Morris wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I wonder if anyone has any ideas how to do this.
> I am testing a piece of software with which the client creates an entity
> (i.e a new record in a database) and then edits it. The entity has an id
> which is sent back to the client as a hidden parameter. This id then needs
> to be included as one of the parameters sent to the server in order to
> access the editing page. My question is, how/if I can use JMeter to pick up
> the id and feed it back into the next controller to access the edit page.
> I hope this makes some sense.
> Michael
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I once had the same problem. I remember updating a lot of jmeter files an
finally i got it working.  (hidden fields are passed on from response to

I remember having some trouble using a 'normal' modification manager, and i
created my own config element instead.
That' why i also had to update the HTTPSampler.

Anyway, i attached some files i updated in order to get it working.

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