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Subject New user problem iwth proxy
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 19:17:22 GMT
Hello all.  I'm trying to learn how to use JMeter.  I thought I'd start
with the proxy testing, to get a feel for JMeter.  But it doesn't work.
With the latest stable build beta, or with the latest nightly.  This is
what happens.

First off, I'm trying to test some jsp pages.  I'v tried both IE & Mozilla
as client browsers.  I go to the first jsp page, which is a login.  I
create the ThreadGroup, the proxy, and the simple controller.  I start the

With 1.7beta two, the page displays as blank; just a white page.

With 1.7beta2 latest nightly build, I get the screen.  I fill in my userid
and password, click the login button, and it hangs.  No output is displayed
in the command window where jmeter was started.  If I hit the escape key to
end processing, the console displays:
Request = http://svdalpha03:7001/Login
Miss! Forwarding to server svdalpha03...
        at Source)

Any ideas?

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